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Travel Inspiration

Fashion is one of the most fun ways to express yourself, your style, and your worldview. It sends a message about who you are before you’ve even said anything: sometimes, one that’s loud and clear (hello, statement pieces!) and sometimes, one that’s more subdued. This rings true for accessories, and jewelry, in particular. For those days when you are in the mood to display your love of travel (say, the entire week after you’ve scored a great flight deal), a piece of jewelry is the way to go.  And if that just so happens to be every day, opt for something on the smaller side, like a delicate charm ring or matte silver stud earrings. Pieces with a matte or brushed finish don’t sparkle as much, which makes them look less formal.

Anyone who has traveled for an extended period of time—or who travels frequently—can back me up on this: after a while, you can really start to get bored of putting on the same clothes, no matter how much you try to mix and match. Seriously, how many different ways can you wear a white t-shirt before you get completely sick of it? A girl just needs to feel cute sometimes—even if it is between stops to hike up a volcano and trek through the desert.   Whether it’s a globe necklace or a wanderlust stamped bracelet, these jewelry accessories will give new life to familiar outfits, serve as inspiration when you’re back at home, and some even support a charities around the world. Even you’re not the globetrotter yourself, they would make for the perfect gift for the traveler in your life.