What is our Ambassador program and Why collaborate with us?

What is our Ambassador program and Why collaborate with us?

Hi Again, 

We cant really tell you how much we are happy that you have trusted us so far and we really really appreciate it. Now without wasting much of your time lets see what we have for you.

Like we mentioned earlier we are looking for Instagram account to collaborate on occasion of Black Friday/Cyber Monday and beyond. The Instagram account we are ones which are not only stunning but also focus on niche /interests like Travel, Fashion, Pets and Babies etc. We offer vast range of unique and quality products for these niches/interests.

For collaboration with us what we are offering is 2 things - 10% commissions on sale made and free products depending upon number of sales made. We can give you special discounts coupons with higher % discount if you want. We will take care of images that you need to share on social media as well.

Now to keep your business safe we will be using a product called as PartnerStack(earlier Growsumo). PartnerStack will help us keep track of sales you have made and will make automatic payments of your commission. As it is widely used third party tool you can rest easy that your commission is always protected.

This is pretty straight forward deal - you recommend us to your followers on social media, blogs, chatting platform etc and when they buys stuff from us we reward you with cash and free products. We are planning to Facebook group where our Ambassadors can connect with each other and share what works for then what does not.

And as there is no investment on your part we would advice you atleast give it a try once or twice and there is no better days to try these kind of activities than Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekends. If it works we for both of us then it will be start of long term relationship. 

So why don't you give it try just click on start now link below and we can get going -

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