12 wooden watches that should be on your Black Friday wish-list

12 wooden watches that should be on your Black Friday wish-list

Wooden Accessories like watches and sunglasses are currently trending. However, many customers still doubt the reliability of these products and questions like whether these watches are durable, are the wooden glasses cool etc. comes in mind. But where to buy such wooden accessories with high quality at best price and what are the best wooden accessories?

1. Men’s Sandalwood Ebony Wood Wristwatch -

A beautifully colored strap watch made from natural bamboo to avoid toxicity is one of its kind.  This wooden watch under $50 is ebony shaped for people symbolizing boldness. No artificial colors have been used in the watch. The best feature is its light weight which provides comfort to the users and makes it a daily wear. The watch can be adjusted to any size with the help of fixed tool. The features and the attractive looks make this bamboo watch a best gift to friends and family.

Men’s Sandalwood Ebony Wood Wristwatch

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2. Zebra Wood Quartz Watch -

A well-polished bamboo watch designed especially for daily use is a unique collection of Zebra wooden watches. This is one of the best wooden watches under $100 as the looks of the watch is eye-catching and the quality is highly durable. The watch is light weighted and even the size is small making it comfortable. The designs and patterns of the watch is based on zebra pattern. Though the watch is light weighted, the dial of the watch is bigger in size, providing high quality and the watch comes with a folding clasp mechanism making it furthermore unique and safe.
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3. Light Weight Wooden Wrist Watch -

As the name suggests, the best quality of the watch is its light weightiness sold by Bobo Bird. The watch comes in two different colors mainly coffee and green. This handmade wooden watch is a limited edition and best suitable for women as the dial diameter is approximately 25mm which provides a compact look on the hands. The dial is made up with a combination of brass and glass, making it durable and the wooden watch can be customized. The clasp mechanism is buckle type.

4. Bamboo Wood Watch With Octagonal Dial

Available in two colors, green and pink this bamboo watch is handmade. The edges of the watch is well polished for a smooth texture. The best feature of this luxurious wooden watch is the stones which are attached to the octagonal dial according to the color preference of a person. The watch comes with an adjustable band and comes with a round bamboo wooden gift box, shipped worldwide.

5. Clear Color Wood Bamboo Sunglasses

Framed with acetate material, this sunglasses are a blend of uniqueness and quality. The sunglasses comes in two distinctive colors of yellow and blue. The sunglasses are ranged below $50 and cost approximately around $25. The style of the glasses are rectangle which provides wide angle view to anyone who wears it. The glasses are polarized as the material used for the lens is Polaroid. It is one of the best wooden glasses in this range and makes a perfect gift for oneself and others.

6.  Handmade Wooden Sunglasses

This rectangle shaped wooden watch is favored mostly by men however available for both men and women. The sunglasses are reasonable and priced under $50. The lens of Sunglasses are available in three beautiful colors of grey, brown and green. The sunglasses comes with wooden frame. The quality of the lenses attribute anti-reflective quality and are polarized. The lens are made up of plastic with 5cm width, making the glasses durable.

7. Natural Wood Watches with Army Green Canvas Band

Though a single colored watch, the users can choose from two different patterns. This is one of the best wooden quartz watches with a big dial of 44mm. These wooden watches are simple styled with clasp buckles. The strap is made up of canvas band which makes the watch unique among others. Though not entirely waterproof, the watch can resist few drops of water without being damaged.

8. Natural Wood Watches with Genuine Leather Band

Priced below $100, this wooden watch comes with a band made up of leather. The luxurious watch is available in only one color. This quartz watch has a dial of 42mm and specially designed for leather lovers. The watch is light weight with a changeable battery and can be customized according to preferences. Watch comes up with a round shaped case made up of bamboo with 10mm thickness which complements the watch further

9. Wooden Watch with Ink Painting Design

This wrist watch manufactured by Quartz is a limited edition with a wooden band material, which further beautifies the looks of the watch. The dial is bigger with a 45mm display and comes with a dial window made up of glass. The designs of the watch symbolizes the art of ink painting and gives a unique appearance. This combination makes it a worth buy.

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10. Zebra Wood Watch for Men With Week and Date Display

Designed beautifully, this handcrafted watch comes in two wood face colors and shades namely brown face and black face. The watch is made up with an adjustable wrist band with fix tool. The material is natural bamboo and is environmental friendly. The best quality of the watch is the week display and auto date included in it and it comes with a 45mm dial made up of Hardlex.

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11. Zebra Wood Men’s Wristwatch With Chronograph

Another watch in the collection of Zebra Wooden watches include this watch which comes with chronograph which helps to record time with better accuracy. This watch is especially designed for men and is quite affordable and comes under $100. The design of the watch gives an artistic touch and gives a pleasing look to the eyes. The watch is carefully polished for a smooth texture.

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12. Antique Wooden Watch for men

With available colors, red, white and black this antique watch looks special in itself with a wooden band. The watch comes with a bracelet clasp mechanism making it different from others. The watch comes in a round shaped case made up of bamboo making it a special gift for anyone near and dear. With so many loaded qualities, the watch gives a casual look to match any costume.

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