12 iPhone Accessories you should buy on this BLACK FRIDAY!

Mobile Phones has become an inseparable part of human lives and iPhone, out of the other mobile companies, has been on the rise from the day of its inception. People have become addicted to their mobile phones and thus, constantly update the accessories relating to them. One must guarantee themselves of the quality of the accessories they are buying to match with their phones. What are the best iPhone accessories one should possess? Read the given below list and find the answer together with the best wooden stands for iPhone.

1. Multi-Function Bamboo Charging Dock with 4 USB Ports

This product is completely made up of wood and comes attached with a charging port. At a single point of time, 4 phones can be charged simultaneously and the length of the connector is approximately 1000mm. The wooden charging stand looks unique and provides extra space for the phones, making it easy for the user to charge 4 phones at a time. Priced at $37.98, it is one of the best wooden stand especially for iPhones.


2. Wooden Apple Product Holder Stand with Calendar Blocks

The wooden stand comes inbuilt with blocks through which users can change the date. The main specialty of the wooden stand is its design. There is ample of space for keeping the mobile safely along with a manual calendar. It can act as a very useful thing for any mobile user as it serves multi-purpose.


3. Bamboo Wood Charging stand for iPhone, iPad and Apple watch

This is one of the best wooden apple watch and iPhone stand which is made up of wood. The stand comes with two slots where one can keep the gadgets like Tablets or Mobil Phones. It also has a Pen space and a watch charger specifically designed for watch charging. Apple Watches, which are touch sensitive can also be easily charged by simply placing them over the designated space. Even mobile phones can be charged with ease as there is no stress of plugging and unplugging. Thus, this wooden iPad charging stand is unique in itself.


4. Thermal Sensor Case for iPhone Red and Black Colour

A unique and beautiful case especially designed for iPhones is one of the best mobile phone cases. The specialty of the case is its thermal conditions with which it is made. The case would change Colour with every human touch as the temperature varies. The case is available in two bright colours of black and red and the Colour change would be clearly visible over them making it a unique and worth product to have.


5. Glitter Liquid Mobile apps Icon Phone Case Cover For iPhone

Priced at $20.1, this case specially designed for iPhones are a beautiful treat to the eyes. This glitter iPhone case is designed in a way to give a transparent look. As soon a person looks upon them, the eyes are caught as it seems like some has been filled beneath the designs. The case is available only in two variants and in sizes namely for 4.7 inch phones and 5.5 inch phones.


6. Cute 3D Emboss Cartoon Patterned Phone Case for iPhone

This case is another cute iPhone accessory which is available in two different design patterns. The designs are the best quality in the case as they are in 3D. These cases are compatible for almost all the iPhone models including iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 7, 8, 8 plus etc. The cases are made with a silicon base which are of highest quality, making it smooth. With so many loaded features, this case is the must have iPhone accessories of 2018.


7. Quicksand Glitter Liquid Phone Case for iPhone

Available under $20, this case for the iPhone mobiles are a treat to the eyes and hands. This mobile phone case is made up floating liquid glitter which makes the looks of the case shiny. The case due to its material is dust resistant which retains the shine of the case even after long use. The edges of the case are made up of TPU whereas PC has been used to make the back of the case.


8. 3D Cute Soft Silicone Squishy Toy Case for iPhone

Available in two variants, this beautiful case is specifically designed for cat lovers and specifically for iPhone mobile users. This iPhone accessory has a cute look because of the animal design added in the back of the case. Another important quality is its resistance to dirt and Anti-knock which makes it a worth buy.


9. 3D Ice Cream case with strap for iPhone

Designed to target the ice cream lovers, this beautiful iPhone accessory comes with a 3D ice cream shape attached to the case. The case also has an attached strap which makes it easier to hold. The design of the case is unique and the case is available in three colours including Pink, Blue and Black. The case is dirt resistant which makes it a must have iPhone accessory.


10. Christmas Knitted Hat Case for iPhone

Compatible with almost all the iPhone mobile models, it comes with a handmade Christmas cap attached to it. The material of the whole case is knitwear material which is very soft in nature, making it one of the best mobile phone cover. The case is dirt resistant, shock proof and holds scratch resistant qualities and can act as a beautiful Christmas gifts for the near and dear ones.


11. World Map Phone Cases for iPhone

Catching the eyes of the travel enthusiasts is the Mobile case which comes with a design of the world map. The case is made up with hard plastic which clearly displays the map and makes the case dirt resistant. The case is a must have iPhone accessory for travel lovers.


12. Anti-Gravity Case for iPhone

Available under $10, this case comes in 4 different colors and 5 different designs. The designs include plain, glossy cute, with abstract prints and business suitable model. The case is unique as it is water resistant, dirt proof and anti-knock in nature, making it one of the best iPhone accessories.